Industrial disk Brakes

Industrial disc (disk) brakes from Alanco Alamatic

Alanco Alamatic are one of the United Kingdom's leading industrial disk brakes manufacturer. We are based in Denton, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom - and can offer a worldwide service to their clients.

Our diverse range of products are used for converting applications, where the manufactured item is in reel form. Typical products, in reel form, include paper, plastics, plastic film, aluminium foil, textiles, cables and steel. Our industrial disk brakes (industrial disk brakes) can also be used in a wide range of linear applications such as test rigs, conveyors, bridges and tension control systems, in addition to general stopping, or holding duties, for industrial machinery. We can offer you a vast range of products to satisfy your particular problem.
As we are specialists, in industrial disk brake, do not hesitate to contact us to see if we can solve your braking problem.



Manual operated disk brakes.

Alanco Alamatic have been solving customer problems, in these areas, for the past 50 years - contact us now for professional, prompt, impartial advice and let us find a solution to your industrial disk braking (industrial disk braking), safety chucks or tension control problem.


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